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Chris Pratt discusses having thick skin, embodying the character of Peter Quill (Starlord), and sings a track from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack at the Red Carpet World Premiere!

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Anonymous asked: I get that you cosplay but what was with all that makeup in the selfie? Little weird for a guy to be wearing makeup.

First answer: http://ramblingsofayoungman.tumblr.com/post/82580209647/sebastian-discussing-the-winter-soldiers

I mean Amell wears it in the show. It’s part of the costume. The mask looks weird without the black paint around the eyes. Maybe it’s cause I used to do theater but makeup has never bothered me. So no, I don’t think it’s that weird for a guy to be wearing makeup. It’s probably more weird for a guy to dress up in an all leather suit in the middle of summer with a weapon from the Paleolithic era to pose around for pictures. I feel like the makeup was the most normal part of what I was doing.

Anonymous asked: AWESOME!! glad to heard that can't wait to see them, have a nice day man

 I appreciate the encouragement. Feel free to come off anon and say hi face to face.

Anonymous asked: the only way to thank me is by never stoping your cosplay please

Still working on my Magneto costume. I have a few other things on the drawing board too. I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Anonymous asked: your cosplay game is strong man!

I’m humbled. Thank you kind anon.

Uncharted Movie

Ok so I’m currently watching the Guardians cast on Jimmy Kimmel. Chris Pratt with that white shirt and jeans, anyone else thinking possible Nathan Drake here? He could pull it off so well.